How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing - Free Method

10/08/2018 10:29:09

Cambell Purvis

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How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing - Free Method

We all want more time and money and the rise of the internet and online marketing has made this dream available to almost everyone. In this  article , I will show you how to become an affiliate marketer and start making a real income online. All you need to get started in affiliate marketing is a computer, or phone/tablet and an internet connection....the rest can all be done for free :)

Affiliate marketing is basically when you sell other peoples products and when you make a sale you get paid a commission. So no need to create products and most affiliate marketing programs even give you free advertising tools like images and free giveaways.

The method I will show you is tried and proven and will teach you how to make money affiliate marketing without having to spend money. This affiliate marketing for beginners method is simple and as I mentioned earlier Free to do. So let's jump in.

I have made a video version as well...scroll to the bottom to view now

How to become an affiliate marketer

Pick Your Niche -  To start with we need to pick a niche, a niche is just a group of people interested in the same thing, like basketball, painting or teaching, basically anything that people do or like is a niche. The best place to start is pick something you are interested in like a favorite hobby, sport or past time. Maybe you love to play a certain sport or it could be camping, dog grooming, travel or even knitting. 

When you have chosen a niche it is a good idea to have a think about '
micro-niches '. Micro niches are just smaller or sub-niches , for instance we might choose dogs and some micro niche would be different breeds, dogs and hiking, dogs training or grooming etc. If your niche was basketball micro niches would be how to slam dunk, basketball fitness training, how to sink more baskets etc.

The good thing about micro niches is there is less competition and so it's easier to build an audience and authority.

If you are having trouble with a niche don't worry too much 
for now , you can always look at the affiliate marketing programs on offer inside Clickbank and decide from them which one you want to promote.

Finding Affiliate Marketing Programs

To find  our
affiliate products we just go to There are the many other affiliate marketplaces online but Clickbank is the biggest and the oldest and so a good place to start. Just go to and sign up, it's all free, and once inside click the 'Marketplace' button at the top.

Once inside the marketplace you will see on the left a menu of categories, you can pick one of these or use the search bar to find affiliate marketing programmes in your niche. We then promote these offers online and get paid a commision on each sale,  that is how to become an affiliate marketer and leave the 9 to 5 rat race. 

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When going through the different offers you need to keep an eye on the gravity. The gravity is basically the increase in sales in the last 3 months (in percentages) so the higher the gravity the more demand there is for the product. The only other thing you need to pay attention to is if the offer has an affiliate page as well. The affiliate page is important because that is where you get the content to promote your affiliate marketing programs.

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Make sure you have a look at the affiliate pages before choosing your product, what we need on this page is articles. You will normally find the articles under free stuff or promotional content. If the affiliate programe you have chosen has no artcicles then you can either write your own blog post or search for a different offer.

Getting Traffic To Your Offer

Now that we have found our affiliate marketing program it's time to get some traffic. The way we get traffic to our affiliate offer is we build a blog...this is the best affiliate marketing for beginners method because once it's done it will bring you money for years to come with little or no maintenance. To start we go to Wix is a website/blog builder that is free to and easy to use, of  course if you already have a blog then use it, there is no need to start a new one.

note: With a paid blog you will have more control over your content (no ads or watermarks) and more access to seo tools that will help your blog rank. You can start a blog here from $10 per month - includes opt-in pages and sales funnels

When we have created our website, there are instructional videos on and Youtube if you get stuck, we simply create a new blog and copy and paste the article from the affiliate page into it. Be sure to change the links in the article to Your Affiliate link or you won't make any money. You can add a few pictures to make it more appealing if you like, just make sure the pics are free 
use and royalty free. Here is a site that provides royalty free images you can use to promote your affiliate marketing programs.

Now comes the important part of how to become an affiliate marketer that makes real money, ranking in google. When we get our blog post to rank in google we will start getting free traffic to our affiliate marketing programs, and better still they will be warm leads.

Just quickly this method can easily get you to page one of
google because
  1.  We are targeting low use keywords, meaning little competition.
  2.  We have embedded our keywords into our blog post 
  3.  And this is the magic, we will now put our keywords into google and leave comments on the blogs that are ranked on the first and second pages. This means that we are putting our back-link in the sites that Google

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All you have to do is find four or five keywords with a search volume between 300 and 5000 that relate to your affiliate product and article. Hint: the title of the article is often a good long tail keyword. 

To find our keywords we need a keyword tool, I recommend it's one of the best tools around and again it's free. Go to the site and type in a keyword for your affiliate product like 'how to lose belly fat fast', 'best gluten-free recipes' etc and see how many searches it gets per month. The search number will be shown just below the search bar, you want a number between 300 and 5000. If you scroll down you will be given hundreds of related keywords with their search volume. 

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When you have chosen your keywords it's time to sprinkle them through the article we pasted into our blog. The way to do this is you just copy one keyword and read through your blog and paste it in where it can replace the existing text. You may find some of your keywords already in the article so remember to count these as keywords. You want to put each keyword in 4 to 5 times per 500 (or so) words.

==> Click Here To Read More About Keyword Research

When doing this try and keep the article natural and flowing, you don't want it to look like you have randomly put keywords in. - watch my video below to see how I do it.

Now we have a blog post with keywords embedded in it, we have our affiliate marketing program and the links in our article, now we need traffic. 

Remeber the keywords we just sprinkled through our article? well they are the key to getting free, warm traffic flowing to your blog post and when this happens a percentage of people will click your affiliate link and a percentage of them will buy and that means cash in your pocket and
 this is how to become an affiliate marketer that makes money while they sleep...leverage the power of Google.

Here is my affiliate marketing for beginners traffic (not so) secret.... back-links. You may have heard of backlinks before but what exactly are they? Backlinks are literally when you leave your link in another site and it 'links back' to your site. These back-links can't just be anywhere though they need to be put on specific sites to rank your site in google.

So to break it down get your first keyword and put it into google. Click on all the blog posts on page one and two and leave a comment at the bottom, be sure to include the link back to your post. Do this for each keyword and you are on your way to being a full-time affiliate marketer.

What should you comment? At least skim the post and comment on a point the make or ask a question, you could even mention there is an alternative view on your site (only if there is), but don't post as if it's your site. Just comment as if you are someone interested in the topic with nothing to promote, all we are after here is the link to stay make it fun and positive.

and that's it, you now know How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing, the only thing left is for you to take action. Remember even if you know how to become an affiliate marketer it won't matter if you don't take action.

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Watch The Video Version Of This Post Below   

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing Checklist
  1. Find A Niche
  2. Find An Affiliate Marketing Program For Your Niche
  3. Get A Blog
  4. Post An Article From Your Affiliate Product Page As A Post On Your Blog
  5. Find 4 To 5 Keywords
  6. Embed Keywords Into Blog Post
  7. Use The Same Keywords To Create Backlinks
  8. Repeat

And Remember...You Don't Have To Be Great To Get Started, But You Do Have To Get Started Tom Be Great.

To Your Success

Cambell Purvis

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